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    How to Find Cheap Car Insurance in San Antonio – Compare Quotes & Save Up to $387 Annually!

    The inhabitants of San Antonio allocate an average of $1,619 every year for their vehicle insurance coverage. They are almost at par with the rest of Bexar County with the city’s rate being only 0.43% higher. Meanwhile, the average Texan pays roughly 5% more.

    Car Insurance San Antonio — Factors that Set the Stage

    It is often held that a picture paints a thousand words and the same can be said about some numbers. In the case of insurance rates, there is always a long story behind the how it was derived. Owners of a dark-colored car will be charged higher than those who have light-colored cars as the former is more prone to accidents. People who have a colorful driving history will also be looked upon as potentially risky clients. Other parts of the story include:

    • Location — Someone who drives around a densely populated city will be more likely to pay a hefty rate than a person in a sparsely inhabited community. Looking closely at the city, we can see that it is the fastest growing place in America in terms of number of inhabitants. It currently has 1,334,431 people living in its 407.6 square miles of land. The density is therefore 3,274 individuals for every square mile which is considered an average figure.
    • Driving to Work — It is good business for insurance providers to give away discounts as a form of reward for desirable behaviors. Take for instance the daily task of going to work. A great majority of employees are on the roads at the same time due to fixed traditional schedules. This creates traffic jams and aggressive driving tactics, sometimes resulting in deadly collisions. In 2009, there were 8.9 fatal accidents in the city. Discounts are given to those who work at different hours and can thus commute without being caught up in the rush.
    • Auto Thefts — Another behavioral reward is given to drivers who secure their cars with effective theft deterrents. The city experienced 5,893 cases of auto thefts in 2011 so the police treat this as a grave concern. The highest number recorded in recent years was in 2008 with 8,005 incidents. While the crime is no longer as rampant as it was before, being careful is always advised.
    • Education — About 13.8% of the city’s population hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent compared to the state’s 15.6%. f you are among them, you may be able to take advantage of an educational reward program.

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