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    The people who call El Paso their home typically set aside about $1,444 for automobile insurance over the course of 12 months. This is 0.79% lower than the mean for the county and a good 16% lower than the average for the state of Texas.

    Car Insurance El Paso — The Determining Factors

    Although it would seem that the residents of the city are generally in a good position, it must be remembered than some are currently paying higher than the average, and even those at the middle can still slide lower. To do this they must study the things that insurers consider when calculating their fees. A white car will be assessed more favorably than a black car as the former is more visible on the roads, hence less prone to accidental collisions. There are also things like:

    • Location — Urban living has its merits but it also has several disadvantages including high premiums. The most densely packed usually have the loftiest rates. As of 2011, the city was found to have 651,881 residents inhabiting an area of 249.1 square miles. The population density is then 2,617 people per sq mi and this is considered an average figure.
    • Driving to Work — Unknown to many, this ordinary daily ritual can quickly become a dangerous affair in certain instances. The mad rush to work by so many people at once has resulted in a lot of deaths over the years. In 2009, there were 7.6 fatal accidents per 100,000 in the city and 8.5 in the state. Because of this, insurance companies differentiate between workers who routinely drive during the rush hour and those who don’t. The former pay higher than the latter because of the elevated risk they take every day.
    • Auto Thefts — Thieves always look for easy targets. Their lust for cars is tempered by the fear of getting caught. If owners install formidable locks on their owners, then the thieves will likely give up and move on to other targets. More so if they add an audible alarm that would call attention to the attempt at forced entry. Providers welcome this diligence and reward the owners with big discounts for their efforts. In 2011, there were 1,456 carjacking incidents in the city.
    • Education — Tertiary education may be expensive may be expensive but it pays for itself in the end in more ways than one. The 12.1% of the city’s population which have earned their bachelor’s degree can qualify for discounts purely on this basis. In contrast, the state’s college grad rate is at 15.6%.

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