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    If you own a motor vehicle in the state of Texas the law requires that you purchase insurance. In fact, every state in the US requires that vehicles are insured prior to operating them on public roadways; however, the mandatory minimum requirements can vary from state to state. In Texas, driving without insurance can result in a fine between $175 and $350, for a first conviction. Subsequent convictions face higher penalties, including impounding your vehicle and license suspension. Just like the insurance requirements mandated by each state can vary, so will the legal repercussions for not having insurance. Find Cheap Car Insurance in Texas today and see how much you can save.

    For example, some common penalties for driving without insurance include having your vehicle registration and driver’s license suspended, as well as fines. You might also be required to comply with SR-22. Most states require at least liability insurance, but some states also require additional insurance which could include the following:

    UM/UIM – Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

    Some states require that every driver carry Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage. This insurance provides protection against accidents involving drivers who are either not insured or do not have sufficient insurance to cover the damages or injuries that result from an accident or collision. Currently, the state of Texas does not require UM/UIM coverage.

    No-Fault Auto Insurance in Texas

    No-fault auto insurance requires drivers to not only carry protection for themselves, but it also places restrictions on their ability to sue another party for damages. If you live in a state that requires no-fault insurance, your insurance company will cover your damages in accordance with your policy limits, regardless of whether you were at fault or not. However, even states that require no-fault insurance can hold a party responsible for damages they cause. The state of Texas is not a no-fault state, so drivers are not required to purchase no-fault insurance coverage.

    Hands-Free Laws in Texas

    Even with the recent pushes to increase driver awareness regarding the dangers of driving distracted, the incidents of these accidents is still very high. In fact, a recent study by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that an alarming 80% of automobile crashes and 60% of near-crashes are the result of some type of driver distraction. With many people relying on mobile devices to keep them connected the increase in accidents is on the rise. It is important to understand the laws in your state and take steps to reduce the risks associated with distracted driving.

    Highway Safety Laws in Texas

    Cell Phone Ban (Handheld) Drivers under the age of 18; driver’s with a learner’s permit, during the 1st 6 months of driving; school bus operators, when children are present; any driver when in a school crossing zone
    Text Messaging Ban School bus drivers when passengers 17 and younger are present; all drivers in school crossing zones; drivers under the age of 18

    When looking for Texas car insurance quotes it is important to ensure you comply with the legal requirements for insurance coverage; however, many drivers find that it is in their own best interest to have coverage that exceeds the minimum required by law. Simply fill out the quote box and get the fast Texas auto insurance quotes to meet your specific needs. Find cheap car insurance in Texas in less than 10 minutes.

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