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    If you’re the type of person who is always looking for ways to save on expenses, then you have come to the right place. We’ll help you find cheap car insurance in Austin, TX. Cheaptexascarinsurance.org will be able to provide you with much needed assistance in getting quotes from around your area so you can pick the best low-cost plan. Get things rolling by using our intuitive search tool at the top of the page.

    Average Car Insurance Austin Quotes — Save Up to $386 a Year!

    Like in any other place, Austin residents vary in the amount that they pay for auto insurance. On average, however, they fall at or near $1,395. This is almost 5% lower than the mean for Travis County of which it is the county seat. It compares even more favorably with the state of Texas which averages 18% higher than the city.

    Car Insurance Austin — Making the Risk Factors Work for You

    Arming one’s self with knowledge is the best way to deal with any difficulty. When it comes to vehicle insurance, the whole premise is risk reduction. Car owners must know how to mitigate their risk factors to appear as the ideal client and be granted with low premium rates. While it is true than many things are hard to change like a bad driving record, a noticeable change in behavior over a considerable length of time could minimize the damage. More factors are discussed below:

    • Location — Your zip code is important. Insurance companies are very particular about the location of their clients. The general rule for them is to charge higher among those who live in congested areas because of the inherent risks in these places. Austin is one of the biggest cities in the state of Texas terms of population with 795,378 inhabitants. However, it is also fairly large with 251.5 square miles of land. These create a manageable density of 3,162 people living per sq mi.
    • Driving to Work — The rush hour produces a spike in road accidents. Thus, insurance companies impose higher fees on people who drive at this time to get to work. On the flip side, individuals who can skirt around the timeframe through flexible work arrangements are given rate cuts. Austin inhabitants spend an average of 22.4 minutes every morning trying to navigate their way to their offices. The number of fatal accidents in the city in 2009 was 8 per 100,000. The figure was 8.5 in the state.
    • Auto Thefts — Securing your car won’t just protect it from thieves. It will also entitle you to substantial incentives from your insurance provider. As previously mentioned, anything that lowers risk for the client is welcomed by insurers. What’s more, there were 2,139 incidents of auto theft in the city in 2011 so this is of grave concern to all.
    • Education — If you graduated with a bachelor’s degree in any field, then you may avail of discounts for auto insurance. The same is true for students with good grades. Austin has an exceedingly high rate of college grads with 25.7% versus the state’s 15.6%.

    Shop around for cheap car insurance quotes in Austin to get a feel for the market. Make use of our search tool today and begin the journey towards hugely annual savings.

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